Lady worker on the line

I am looking at the lady worker on the line and admiring the rivets. The last leg is before me, I have to finish the Mig family and get on with the Flux family next. I only have about 21 days in the shop left to complete eight practice plates and seven bends.

I am hoping for a miracle or good fortune to work with me as I poise myself to run the race before me and finish well! I’ll tell you a secret, I have waited about 25 years to go back to school and finish a program.

When my kids grow up and they tell someone some stories about me that will say:

“Yeah, my Mum went back to school, not to University to complete a degree but to Tradeschool to become a welder!”

Anyways wish me luck and send me all the positivity you can muster and I will be eternally grateful. I am already very happy that I have a wonderful Instructor, Bernard Booth and Mentor, Jim Haggerty of Action Welding.

Ricardo Riviera, my first Instructor taught me the SSC, Safety, Setup, Comfort. Which I happily made into a rap song for him and our class one day on my way to school when I was taking the bus, yeah I had to much time on my hands and was needing to amuse myself so I focused on the fact that I have always wanted to write a rap song, it seemed that the moment had arrived, and while sitting on the bus that day it all came together. 🙂


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