Some people

think that being an Artist is all about a bunch of hokey pokey crazy lazy things….let’s dispel a few myths people….

Do you sit in Cafe all day and drink coffee then go home have a glass of red wine and try to face your work? Or do you face your work and then add a coffee and a glass or two of Merlot?

Just wondering —hint: there is no right answer….so go figure it out like a Sudoku puzzle it’s about balance and letting the flow settle where it will, add more than a dash of discipline and a dollop of faith and you’ll be truckin’….

Put that in your pipe and smoke it….its better than tobacco and some say—sex….



  1. Some days it’s straight to the workshop with no breakfast or straight to the drawing board to sketch up new ideas.
    Other days, it’s watch the news, drink some coffee, what lunch time already, I’ll get going soon, what dark already, ok now I’m down the workshop and it’s midnight before I finish

    • Hey Andy, thanks for taking time to comment on Tigmigfrig!

      Sounds like a workshop studio schedule alright! I live in close proximity to my art work and at the moment am not welding anywhere. Looking forward to January when I will have the chance again. I will follow your comments on Twitter 🙂

      All the best for the coming ‘Season of Light’

      Freyja (ekw)

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