Woman Welder

My shape of the day is simple.

Recall daily, all Goodness.

Visit with ordinary Village people.

Write in between.

Work and study at UAPICBC.

Care for and love my boys. Laugh a lot. Maintain yet refrain from deadlines. Breath deeply and slowly.

Instill verve by adding a vigorous workout via cycling, swimming or ‘home’ gym workout, visit an exercise room inside or out, be close to nature do not forget the sounds of the wild.

Read news headlines only, note that if you were to take a news fast that the only thing that would change is the date, as noted by Paolo C. Dream in between, imagine a future for jkothephotoguy. Write scenes for two novelettes; A Liger’s Tale and CSL [Files] 217.

Continue to make visual art and get hands dirty

Bow down to those who work with metal. Entertain elaborate designs, in steel and aluminum with or without stone. Envision prototypes. Observe those who make prototypes. Work with stone, paint and paper and letters.

Be with children, old people, animals and individuals who may be marginalized.

Listen to silence. Watch, wait and weld in a Village that is beyond compare ….

Freyja Frigg~WW



  1. Shine metallic spark
    EXPLODE into consciousness
    never have I seen you
    so joyful
    forging firelight

    light & love ~ ~ ~
    cath 12th-house

    • thanks Cath…for the stones, the oil on the stones and all of your gifts to me….

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