Oh Rebecca


Metal madness

“It was something about the material that I wanted so desperately to mold hold and make into something that would be nothing short of supernatural. It was a sensation and I lost in metal madness surmised that everything up to this point was fought for, the excitement was nothing new. Fire sparks—noise—toxic odour—danger—behind the door of a shop studio grabbed hold of me and I bloody well couldn’t shake it. I had to give in and submit every morning. I put my ring on faithfully as a reminder that the day held opportunity that was mine to discover—hammer—weld grind, until I would find the shape that presented a symmetry that was laid to rest on the table until tomorrow’s tomorrow” —Freyja~Frigg

Money tree seeds for [fpg]

Open Studios is Opening

Open studios is a few weeks away and I look forward to seeing you!

I’ve been working hard finishing new pieces. In the picture below I am grinding one of my sculptures that will be ready just in time for the show.

Fall Open Studios 2010

Saturday, October 30 & Sunday, October 31, 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception: Friday, October 29, 6pm – 9pm

Islais Creek Studios
One Rankin Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

Islais Creek Studios has plenty of free parking and is conveniently located near 101 and 280 freeways and the Muni T Third.

Directions: Map of One Rankin Street

Several other artists at Islais Creek Studios will also be opening their studios and exhibiting their work. Metal sculpture, stone sculpture,
mixed media, painting, photography and more.

Hunters Point Shipyard will also have open studios on Saturday and Sunday. Visit over 150 artist studios in both locations. Come by Islais Creek Studios on your way to the Shipyard, located only five minutes away. Both locations have plenty of free parking. Part of ArtSpan’s San Francisco Open Studios: www.artspan.org

Best regards,

Rebecca Fox
metal sculpture



Today we raced down Granville Street to watch a screening of RIP: Remix a manifesto by Brett Gaylor, ripremix.com. It reminded me of the time we raced down to see Georgia O at VAG, the feeling of now or never.

Determination, passion and a little wildness all mixed or mashed together. To do anything because you really want to means throwing caution and copyrights to the wind and then see what happens.

Its a cool adrenalin rush without any toxic substance involved. Its risky but worth it, in the end you land somewhere you haven’t before, you’ve gone through a door or portal and inside you are different.

The thrill is pushing past fear and that’s why extreme sports like unicycling down a mountain side and the act of making mash ups exist. Improvise and see if you become wise. Deep inside we want something so totally new and fresh and alive, jamming the culture and pushing the boundaries to unearth lively questions so we can make loads of room for creativity.

“Me I live for imagination in my dreaming. I’m looking to re-generate my imagination to use it for Good for people, for community, for telling stories, because I have to. Mixing and matching and mashing, collaging my way to the end, that’s my thing. That’s re-generation how the rest happens is mystery”


Quote of the Week

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 03:21 AM PST

Whenever we need to make a very important decision it is best to trust our instincts, because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream, saying that the time is not yet right. Reason is afraid of defeat, but intuition enjoys life and its challenges.