The name Freyja ultimately means “the Lady“. Freyja is not a personal name but a title, a title which may have become a taboo word in Scandinavia and was dropped from usage for human context at an early date, as opposed to on the continent where cognate terms (such as modern German frau) retained use in Germanic languages, and scholars have theorized that originally Freyja may have had a personal name, now unattested.[1] The etymology (and so the ultimate origins) of Freyja is a matter of scholarly dispute, hinging on the question of whether or not the goddess name Freyja is a later development from the goddess name Frigg (and thus if Frigg and Freyja were once originally a single goddess common among the Germanic peoples) or if the two deities developed from independent origins.[1]

Thanks to Wikipedia the live encyclopedia that keeps changing and is questionable at the best of times about its sources, but still always interesting to read.

In converation mit Freyja Frigg

“I did not know what I was in for, I forced myself to slow down, to take one day at a time, if need be—one hour at a time. The highlight of my day was discovering the birthplace of an artist whom I was intrigued by. Kathe Kollwitz of Konigsberg, that forgotten place in Prussia, of long ago… “~ff, 12.06.10

“mein wesen~my essence


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