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One thing I know

When  d r e a m s are crushed they stick on the bottom

of the heel on your left boot—feeling out of sorts you realize

grapes pressed make cheap wine—if you wait a long enough

maturity will lapse  f r o m  q u a f f a b l e (everyday wine)

t o  s t e e l y (attractively crisp with a backbone of acidity)




“Piping Opportunities for Women” Marilee said

“Right, P O W” Freyja retorted

“Call Richard, he’ll give the whole lowdown on that. There are lotsa sisters in the field, that’d be my recommendation” she said

“…..hmm, P O W aka prisoner of war….good one…that’s about right” Freyja chuckled

“What you need to do though is decide when the right time is if you’re going to shoot for the level ‘C’, and I can’t decide that for you. Yep, its the juggle with the fam for us, we put our other work aside, we sacrifice for our children then pick up what we want later and somehow it all works out but its worth it”. Her conviction was certain and practiced. She had the gist of it wrapped up beautifully.

“What about aluminum?” asked Freyja

“No, you won’t touch that until level ‘A’, here have a look at this manual it’s ‘C'” she said

“What about math, what level do I need”

“Grade 10, will do it” quipped Marilee

“Oh good, ‘cuz that’s about what I got”

Marilee picked up the phone and called Richard and said,

“I’ve got a woman here who will be contacting you, her name is, uh Freyja-Frigg….”

The association of women workers who welded was tight. The sisters banded together, they were a family by trade by sheer desire to work with metal. It was a curious thing and beautiful at the same time. Tough and rough diamonds working with steel, copper and aluminum. Unafraid of fire and heat, ready for action, for combat! Ready to suit up and get down to joining.

“Keep in touch k, let me know how it goes”

“I will, thanks for your help” Freyja wandered out to the lobby picking up pieces of paper as she moved to the exit, caffeine was her next stop.

….’what a feeling, keeps me reeling’….a little worn around the edges she headed to the Siren…

Break on through to the other side

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The word “armour” came into use in the Middle Ages as a borrowing from the French. It is dated from 1297, as a “mail, defensive covering worn in combat” from Old French armeure, itself derived from the Latin armatura “arms and/or equipment” with the root arma “arms or gear”.

Unlike amour

the way to go is to put on the armour (Canadian spelling) every day, I say armor (American spelling), the word is similar but unlike amour….

Im talking the “metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle”….

helmet—breastplate or chestplate—belt—shield—sword of the Spirit—feet fitted with peacethe absence of hostility

so that’s what I do, occasionally when Im lax I forget momentarily but I always return to the armour ‘cuz Ive learned I need it while here on the planet in the 21st century

let me tell you the cool thing is you meet others—who are suited up and have ridden for a long while

those others come just in the nick of time usually when you are in a ditch by the dyke

amour reappears

—Freyja~Frigg, ww