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The word “armour” came into use in the Middle Ages as a borrowing from the French. It is dated from 1297, as a “mail, defensive covering worn in combat” from Old French armeure, itself derived from the Latin armatura “arms and/or equipment” with the root arma “arms or gear”.


A Liger’s Tale, XXI. Sweat Equity

“Sweet ecstasy?” Kiera wondered

“No, I said sweat equity!” replied Rhea

“There is a trade, you might well know, but perhaps this is new to you? You earn your suit through sweat equity. The currency is your work, your commitment to labour and learning.” she said

Introductions to being “suited up” would be held in the foyer of the Foundry just after midnight. Kiera had recovered and was now appointed to attend with two other apprentices. She retired to her chamber to rest after finishing the food Rhea had prepared. Consuming just under ten pounds of raw elk, her stomach now comfortably full, she bid good evening to Rhea and sauntered down the hallway admiring the metalwork built into the walls.

Elaborate sculptures that Hmv crafted and hand-built were permanently installed.

Cor-ten steel collaged into geometric patterns that went the length of the hall.

Inwardly she felt the metallic taste of blood settling while she feasted her eyes on her master’s work, she couldn’t be happier. It was late evening there would be time for a nap before meeting the others.

“Splendid, simply stupendous and satisfying” she purred

The door was slightly ajar held open by a heavy metal door stopper formed into the shape of a lion’s head, entering quietly to find that Rhea had also prepared her chamber for rest she looked upon emerald green velvet pillows with aubergine satin throws accented with silver chenille bolster cushions which filled the space, completed with a large oblong turkish carpet with ligers, tigers and lions and bears embroidered into an elaborate pattern.  Her eyes followed the symmetrical pattern of the labyrinth and she began to walk it, stopping and reflecting at strategic points.

‘It took her back to the beginning as always yet here she was coming full circle back to el futuro…she understood the process of extractive metallurgy was lengthy, but well worth it. All it entailed was for the metal to be converted with either oxide or sulphur, from ore the extraction came chemically or electrolytically. Ionic bonding had always fascinated Kiera, that is, the bond formed by the attraction between two opposing charged ions.’

“Could it be she thought….that the first hour after midnight would be an explanation she had long waited for?”

She circled five times, the movement brought on sleepiness. The flickering reflection of a large candelabra off the east wall invited her to lay her weary self down. Within minutes she was gone.

Rhea waited at the door and peaked in, she felt moved to cover her with the charcoal cathair throw that had been handmade by Livan-drea’s locals from the finest coon cats found.

Rhea knelt down and curled up beside her placing Kiera’s giant paw over her left side, there was nothing more comforting than the deep purr of a liger whose hunger was satisfied.



And each man kills the thing he loves,
By all let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword.

by Oscar Wilde from (The Valkyries) Valkyrie in Norse mythology “chooser of the slain” is one of a host of female figures who select from those who have died in battle ~Wikipedia