Metal madness

“It was something about the material that I wanted so desperately to mold hold and make into something that would be nothing short of supernatural. It was a sensation and I lost in metal madness surmised that everything up to this point was fought for, the excitement was nothing new. Fire sparks—noise—toxic odour—danger—behind the door of a shop studio grabbed hold of me and I bloody well couldn’t shake it. I had to give in and submit every morning. I put my ring on faithfully as a reminder that the day held opportunity that was mine to discover—hammer—weld grind, until I would find the shape that presented a symmetry that was laid to rest on the table until tomorrow’s tomorrow” —Freyja~Frigg



the door

till you can’t no more

push pull shove

but only from above

be naughty not nice

cuz you don’t live twice

live to tell a story

bask in all its glory

remember your heart

there is not better time

than now

even if the cleanup after

takes a little longer

in the end you know

you’ll be stronger

trust me

trust you

and put your

shoes on

paint your way

to heaven

Ill sculpt mine

‘cuz ev’ry little thing

will be just fine