Immortal Metals

Just down a bit from studio 217 located at ‘The Compound’— on blessed land where the Steveston Harbour Authority holds the keys— is Immortal Metals

most days in the sandbox with the usual sand and zinc blasting out at impossible speeds with heat so sweetly hot you thank your lucky stars that you get out alive at the end of the 45 minute gruel

is where Steveston artifacts, everything metal that goes with a boat is metalized and/or sand blasted to become a thing of beauty that will last well into the 21st century

next up you have a cig or small toke with your coffee break while Frenchie sweeps up a bit and moves some heavy stuff around, he looks for an old butt to suck on while Blackwater Tom adjusts his oxygen levels marveling out how the hot grains of sand filter in through every conceivable fold of his oily get up

Immortal Metals is owned by a legend of Steveston with a number of beauties (sailing vessels) that many envy, although Apoxy Al would beg to differ

all of the folks there to my mind—are immortal since they dabble with their own mortality daily—fishing, welding, blasting, drilling and sanding the hell out of their livelihood—espesicially the women who run the place, I think they have the hardest job — I know they are up for sainthood and maybe one or two of the men