Why Tigmigfrig?


I think you know that working with fire and metal is dangerous.

Frig is a word that comes up and out when the materials we work with impose their natural behaviour on us, ie molten metal falls like a hot shower on sleeves , on exposed skin it sizzles.

People in the trades, men and women I hope will benefit from Tigmigfrig where we can log some hot topics about welding without burning ourselves or each other.

I am a rookie not a veteran I am a woman not a man. I’m dreaming this is in my favour as I navigate through a welders world where there are few women, although there is a growing interest for women who desire to learn welding, whether for art or their trade.

I like to play with words hence the title, I can’t help it I have limericks trapped inside my head from when I was a girl playing on the swings. It is my way of remembering things or underlining things that stand out!

Facts and figures are good, technical information that enhances one’s knowledge. I want alchemy and metallurgy recounted and spoken of here. Methodology is always welcome since we live in a world where a life long learner can pass on the knowledge to another.

Featured Women who work in and with metal will certainly not be least, in fact let it be the pow of the blog that reminds us of the ‘first light of the torch’.

To view and take in first hand the work, labour, and love of this medium that defines our limitations in working with it and demands an unavoidable commitment is what I hope to present.

Thanks for stopping in.

Let’s learn from each other how to weld the perfect join.

Freyja~Frigg, Woman Welder


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